First of all... Dan Campbell, if you're reading this... smile more often buddy. I know it's been a tough season, but you just won two in a row with the Lions. That should feel pretty good.

I love the NFL. Not just the games themselves, but the fans, and in recent years, the meme culture that's come with it. One of my favorites, every year, is whoever does the gender-swapped images of the quarterbacks. For some reason, Tom Brady is attractive no matter what.

But THIS year, there's a new trend: Gender-swapped Head Coaches, and how many drinks it would take to find them attractive.

Now, before we get up in arms about the difference between "ugly" and "beautiful," obviously, it's in the eye of the beholder, and you should NEVER call a person ugly, or unattractive. This post was entirely for humor, and subjective based on the person who initially made it.

But in all honesty... if I got a look at "Danna Campbell," I'd probably need a few drinks, too, before I'd hit her up at the bar.

HOLY COW man. She is RIPPED!

I have this feeling "Danna Campbell" crushes watermelons between her thighs as a hobby, and wrestles on her bye-weeks with the Lions.

According to whoever made this post, it would take 10 beers before "Danna" was attractive, but I'll be honest, she's really pretty... it's all those extra muscles that kind of make her intimidating.

And compared to the rest of the field, she'd be relatively high on the list. No WAY I'd take her below "Belinda" Belichick or "Penelope" Carroll from the Seahawks, who is LITERALLY Ellen Degeneres.

What shocked me is how many head coaches would actually make VERY attractive women.

But again, this post was all in fun, and to see these coaches in a different light (especially the Giants' "Brenda" Dabol as someone's "Meemaw") is a bright spot on the season... especially if you're a Lions fan.

Just a bit of fun to lighten the mood.

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