I’ve had some good luck when it comes to betting in the past, but nothing ever this great. A woman from Michigan recently won $81,000 in a casino jackpot off of a one-dollar bet. Deanna who is from Michigan won the Golden Cryptex Jackpot on the WynnBET app on a one-dollar bet while she was waiting for her kids to get ready for school.

She was passing the time as she was getting her morning going. When her screen on her phone froze and the third jackpot symbol fell leading her to an $81,000 online jackpot. That’s pretty good considering she was just passing the time.
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She ended up having to call her dad to take the kids to the bus stop because she was completely overwhelmed by what had just happened. You never know who can hit the jackpot on those things.
Probably the most luck I’ve had at a casino came in a very ironic way. On my way up to Traverse City. I actually hit a deer and did $4000 of damage to my car. Luckily the comprehensive coverage made it so that I only had a $100 deductible and a free car rental the next morning. We ended up going to turtle creek casino where I proceeded to hit a $624 jackpot. So I guess it worked out in the end, and the car is still doing good.
Congratulations to Deanna and her family for the big winnings, and let's hope it's one of us next.

Check out her story below.

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