There's a certain amount of decorum that is asked of those who appear in a courtroom. Even when I've contested speeding tickets before, I've dressed a little nicer for the judge so that MAYBE they can see I'm a standup citizen, and let me off easier. (Never worked, but at least I tried.)

But once in a while, you hear about a situation so brash and out of order that the judge is forced to take action, and that is exactly what happened in Detroit recently during an on-camera proceeding.

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Rule number one, if you're in any court setting, is to listen to, and follow the judge's orders without question. He's the guy in charge, and will determine the outcome of your case. But Mr. Michael Wayne Gowens was apparently not taught these things.

During a case in front of Judge Sean B. Perkins in Detroit, Gowens was in front of the judge via video call for invalid registration on his vehicle. For the record, Perkins has apparently gained a reputation as being a no-nonsense kind of judge in the 36th District Court. But in this case, he was lenient on the defendant, Mr. Gowens, and dismissed his case.

That should have been the end of it, but as Gowans attempted to leave the online room, he didn't log off of his phone in time, and can be heard saying, "Guys a F***ing d**k bro," and the no-nonsense Judge Perkins caught it.

@interestingclipstok Judge Perkins was nice and dismissed this Defendant’s ticket. Too bad the Defendant forgot to turn his camera off before calling him this… #court #judge #trending #courttv #courtroom #wow #courtcase #fyp ♬ original sound - Interesting

He then held Gowens in contempt of court, while still on his phone, and made him WAIT until the end of the entire docket was complete, to deal with the contempt charges, which I'm told was a very large docket.

"I'm gonna take you last, because I'm gonna show you how I can be what you said I am."

The full instance was recorded, and has now gone viral around TikTok and other social media platforms for how cringe the outcome was.

Future advice to Mr. Gomes, and anyone else on a video docket... WAIT until you KNOW you have hung up before talking trash on the judge, who by the way, just dismissed your case. What an idiot.

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