It was 11 years ago when the Detroit Lions were last shut out. Beaten on Sunday by a team near the bottom in defense and a starting QB who was claim to fame was starring in the XFL.  Trying to explain how you got shut out by the Carolina Panthers would be like trying to explain how you couldn't take candy away from a baby.

I'm not sure I ever seen the phrase "embarrassing loss" used more when associated with the Lions than I have in the last few days. Many are still scratching their heads wondering what happened. It was suppose to be a slam-dunk game for the lions but ended up anything but.

With that - welcome to our 2nd edition of Lions "Mean Tweets". This is similar in style to Jimmy Kimmels "Celebrity Mean Tweets" only we couldn't get any Detroit Lions members to read the tweets. Based on the embarrassing factor that played out in the game, can you blame them.

So here we go - edition two of Detroit Lions "Mean Tweets"

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