Some would say the Detroit Lions have been a joke for a long time now. Their 2019 schedule reveal is funny, though.

In a video that just may have more winning moments than the team, the Detroit Lions have unveiled their 2019 NFL schedule with a little help from The Office. Dwight opens with the line "I am the Lion." Here's the lineup and who to watch for in the video below:

  • Michael is feelin' "hot, hot, hot" when they travel to Arizona to take on the Cardinals.
  • The Chargers preview is very L.A. with Dwight miming "whatever you say, Brad Pitt."
  • Angela has a put down about the "slow train from Philly" that Eagles fans won't like
  • Kansas City and the Chiefs send the crew out for baby back ribs
  • Kevin has big plans for the BYE week
  • Ryan is taking notes on Green Bay
  • With her finger and her thumb in the shape of an "L" on her forehead, Kelly expresses how we feel about Green Bay
  • The Giants play in the city of Michael's favorite pizza joint
  • Jan notes the "oaky aferbirth" in reference to the Raiders
  • Bears-.That's all you have to say, Jim
  • Dwight is ready for the Cowboys
  • Is the Redskins clip inappropriate?
  • The group gets together for the traditional Thanksgiving game- it's the Bears this year
  • Meredith has no words for the Vikings
  • Gabe is not a fan of the sun in Tampa Bay 
  • Dwight is ready to giddy up for the Broncos
  • ...and what else can we say about the Packers

The entire video is more than 16 minutes long, go to 3:46 to skip ahead to the good stuff.

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