The Detroit Pistons will be donning very sharp-looking City Edition uniforms six times during the remainder of the 2022-23 NBA season. Bloggers online have raised questions if the look is right for the team.

The question raised is the color scheme. The Pistons' standard colors are basic All-American red, white and blue. However, with the 2022 City Edition, the uniform is a hunter green nod to St. Cecilia’s Gym, a proving ground for aspirant Detroit hoopsters.

The Detroit News reports,

This jersey is an original design that doesn’t feature the team’s classic red, white and blue colorway, nor the polarizing bold teal that the franchise brought back this season. The design was a collaboration with Big Sean, the Pistons' Creative Director of Innovation.


Instead, the jersey takes the hunter green shade that mirrors the logo of St. Cecelia — affectionately known as "The Saint" — and the interior of the gym located on Detroit’s west side, as its dominant color. The shorts feature a design that mirrors The Saint's stained-glass windows and has blue and white stripes down the sides.

The internet blog Uni-Watch spotted the new designs and while loving them as basketball uniforms questioned their design as Pistons uniforms.

The bloggers pulled together a small panel of Pistons fans to dig in on the question. The heart of the issue is likely here with a panelist saying,

It sounds to me like we’re all Detroit-adjacent, but none of us are actual Detroiters. I think that distinction is important. Like you, Paul, I had never heard of St. Cecilia’s. In fact, it turns out that it’s a few blocks from where I work in Detroit. My guess is if you asked Detroiters if they’d heard of St. Cecilia’s, especially Black Detroiters, you’d be much more likely to get a yes.

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And that's the heart of the issue: if the City Edition uniforms are meant to reflect an aspect of the beating heart and soul of a city, then the Pistons have likely scored an A+. Red, white and blue can certainly be put aside for six games if it exposes the team's fans to an aspect of Detroit basketball to which they may have been ignorant.

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If you happen to be in Detroit and want to pay your respects to the "Sports Capital of Detroit," St Cecelia's Gym is at 6340 Searns Ave just off of Livernois.

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