The Detroit Pistons are in an historic slump, and there's no hope on the horizon that things are going to get much better.

But one restaurant is offering an incentive if if the Pistons can somehow pull it together and win another game... FREE WINGS! But it won't come easy.

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As of the end of the Detroit Piston's game Monday night against the Indiana Pacers, the team notched its 20th straight loss on this season. And it becomes all the more impressive when you consider they've only played 23 games so far.

What's crazy is, the Pistons opened the regular season hot, winning two of their first three games. And they were good wins, too, against the Bulls and the Hornets. But ever since losing to the Thunder in Oklahoma City, the Pistons haven't seen the sweet side of a "W."

Fast forward a couple months, and here we are... 20 losses in a row, with a potential franchise and NBA record in sight.

Free Wings with a Win

It's bad enough that the Lions were the first ever NFL team to go completely winless in a season. Detroit doesn't need another record in the same vein right now. SO, a popular restaurant has added an incentive to win.


Wingstop, who now has three locations in Kalamazoo, is offering Five Free Wings with an online order, WHEN (or if) the Pistons win another game.


Yep! Should the Pistons ever put it together again, and add a number to the left column, you could get a free order of five wings by using their online code.

What is the NBA loss streak?

As a lover of wings, part of me hopes they win the next game, but there's also that little thought in the back of your head...

"If we can't be good, we can at least make history while being bad, right?"

Detroit already has the longest single-season losing record since the Rockets lost 20 in a row during the 2020-21 season. But Detroit is ALSO in danger of matching their own franchise record of 21 losses in a row set at the end of the 1979-80 season, and beginning of the '80-81 season.

As it stands while this article is being written, the current NBA losing streak record is 26 games straight in a single season, and 28 in a row spanning across two seasons. Both of those records are held by the Philadelphia 76ers, which, ironically, is who they play on Wednesday to hopefully end the streak.

So if you're a fan of the Pistons, and of free wings, pray for a win on Wednesday.

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