It has been so far a very forgettable year for the Detroit Red Wings.  Despite the last few seasons, the team is still among the most valuable in the league. 

According to the latest list from Forbes,  the Red Wings are among the top 10 most valuable teams in the NHL.

The Forbes list is the 21st annual and it has the Red Wings listed at number 8.     Leading the list for the fifth straight year is the New York Rangers.

The Rangers have the missed the playoffs the past few years but it hasn't hurt the team.   The rest of the top five includes the Maple Leafs, Canadiens, Blackhawks and Bruins.

The list has the Red Wings value at $800 Million and revenue at $183 Million.  The opening of Little Caesars Arena has helped with the value of the franchise.

The average value for all the teams in the league have gone up.    Could the current season eventually hurt the value of the Red Wings?   We'll have to wait and see where they end up on this list next season.

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