People in the Detroit Metro area are PISSED after the announcement that one of the most popular annual events in Detroit, Theatre Bizarre is going to be canceled this year. The statement was issued by the event coordinators after finding out the theatre had been double booked, so the event would have no home:

It is with deep regret that we announce the 2023 Theatre Bizarre season has been canceled. A double-booking at the Masonic Temple has made an impossible situation that disrupts much of our main floor space, including our main entrance. We have a contract for the space and have been pressing for a resolution for some time. Unfortunately, it remains out of reach. The Masonic Temple has been a tremendous partner for 11 years. We are hopeful this situation will be addressed and a glorious return produced in 2024.
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Outrage and Anger

People are not happy whatsoever about the announcement as they've expressed their unhappiness with the venue's lack of coordination:

It is truly heartbreaking, since this is my husband and I’d favorite event each year. My heart goes out to all the crew and cast who put on this phenomenal show. This must be such difficult news. -Megan

An Economic Hit

This isn't just a hit to event-goers but local businesses as well, as TB has always supported many companies as they indicated this cancellation comes at a high price for them:

This includes the Detroit Hostel, which we rent in its entirety for almost two weeks, caterers who will lose nearly $130,000 feeding our crew and patrons, the approximately $60,000 we spend on security, the Eastern Market farmer who will lose $15,000 in pumpkin sales, and the legendary Rocky Peanut Co., whose treats are enjoyed by our guests throughout the night.

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