Detroit is synonymous with Ford. The city also carries the shadow of leaving itself split after the car industry crashed. Perhaps that's why this story feels oddly poetic; a Detroit-made car being split in half during a crash in Detroit. It all happened on Saturday on Eight Mile.

According to an article from The Detroit News, only the front end of a vintage 1979 Ford Mustang remained in the road after an SUV hit the vehicle. After the collision,the front half of the car was left in the street while the rest was thrown on to the median. The driver of the SUV was somehow uninjured after his car came to rest in the brick wall of a Wendy's restaurant. The driver of the Mustang was taken to the hospital with undisclosed injuries, though witnesses did say that he was alert at the scene.

Authorities were unable to speculate the cause of the crash and did not say whether alcohol was a factor. Speed certainly was an issue, as you don't usually saw a car in half going a leisurely 35 miles per hour. This should be a reminder, though, to everyone getting back on the road after weeks, if not months, avoiding their normal commute, to give yourself a lot of distance between you and the driver in front of you, be courteous and let people merge, and never ever text while driving.

I sure hope the driver of the Mustang is in one piece and that he's able to replace that classic vehicle.

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