One of the biggest issues that has been the talk of Kalamazoo in recent months is the acquisition of land that is in the Asylum Lake territory, which was purchased by the owner of Drive and Shine.

Ever since it was announced that they purchased the land, the city has been in an uproar, about the possibility of a national car wash company, changing the landscape near the preserve and putting in yet another car wash in the city. For now, those who are against this outcome can take a momentary sigh of relief as it has been reported that the owners have withdrawn their request to rezone the area:
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We have received an email from Christina Anderson, the City Planner, that Mr. Tehrani has withdrawn his request to the Planning Commission for the rezoning of the property at Drake and Stadium. We don't have any further information at this point, but we'll update you if and when more information is made available.
By no means are supporters for Asylum Lake out of the woods as far as protecting it is concerned, but this is a momentary small victory, as concerned citizens have expressed the importance of speaking up:
It's clear that we as a community getting together and making our voices heard to protect this treasure has made a real difference. While this is good news, we must keep being vigilant. We'll keep you informed about what happens as time goes on. Thanks for staying involved for all these years. We'll hope for a good outcome to this long struggle.
They wanted to also make a note that Drive & Shine CEO Haji Tehrani still owns the land, so there is still a long way for those who do not wish for there to be a new car wash in that area.

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