Sometimes you have to ask the really important questions that others are afraid to ask, especially when it comes to rules and laws in Michigan. This... is not one of those questions, but more so a general thought that whizzed by. So, is it legal to drive while naked in Michigan? Absolutely.

That being said, you can get popped for indecent exposure if anyone sees anything they shouldn't. Honest Policy points out how different states have different laws when it comes to driving in the nude:

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Reader's Digest and many legal sites report that there are no state laws that prohibit driving without your clothes on. However, it would be misleading to say that driving while naked is definitively legal. The tricky part is that driving naked puts you at risk of violating public decency laws. Every state has its own rules on public nudity.

Baring It All In Michigan

As this website points out, if you DO get caught driving naked you could get tagged with "Simple" Indecent Exposure or "Aggravated" Indecent Exposure, depending on what it is you're doing naked in the first place:

In Michigan, you can be convicted of indecent exposure in a number of different ways including intentional acts by "flashers" seeking sexual gratification, all the way to a person swimming naked alone in a lake, unaware that anyone can see him or her.

In summation, I don't know why any of you would need to or want to drive naked, but if you're in a pinch and can stay out of site, more power to you.

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