The Detroit Tigers once again this season had one of the worst records in the game of baseball.   It looks like many predict them to be bad again as the recent odds for the new season have the Tigers near the bottom.

According to the story from M-Live, the early odds courtesy of Bovada, have the Tigers at 250-1 to win the World Series next year.

They have the same odds as the Miami Marlins and Central Division rival Kansas City.  The worst is listed as the Baltimore Orioles who have 350-1 odds.

The recent champion Boston Red Sox top the list as favorites with 13-2 odds.  The American League runners up Houston is at 7-1.

This will probably all change as free agents are signed and trades are made.  Will this change the Tigers odds?  I don't think it will unless they surprise baseball and make a surprise move or sign major free agents.

One thing that could help is a healthy Miguel Cabrera but that  is a major question mark as he is getting older.

The first regular season game for the Tigers in 2019 will be in Toronto against the Blue Jays on Thursday, March 28th.

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