There seem to be some shenanigans going on. Earlier this week, there was a strange sighting over the downtown Battle Creek skyline.

Elf on a Shelf apparently left the shelf, boarded a drone, and took a flight dodging the Battle Creek Tower and The Milton on his adventures. After talking to investigators in Battle Creek, we have learned that the elf was on a very special mission.

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They were not able to confirm much of what is being called "top secret" information, but we were able to learn that the elf was on a special mission Santa Claus sent him on. It was to survey the area because so much has changed and improved in downtown Battle Creek since last Christmas.

The drone belonged to Patrick Bush, who owns and operates Patman Droneography. He's the one who took amazing photos of the 2021 Battle Creek Christmas Parade in November. The drone was stolen by the elf sometime over the weekend before these photos and videos surfaced.

But when the elf returned the drone to Patrick, he explained that he had special permission from Santa Claus to borrow it and that even though Patrick had been "naughty" this year, Santa would make an exception and grant Patrick plenty of gifts for letting the elf use the drone for this super-secret mission.

The only problem is the secret is out now with all of the documented footage of the elf flying around Battle Creek. We are told by the Battle Creek investigators and Patrick Bush that the elf is back on his shelf, where he belongs.......... for now.

We will provide more information on this story as it becomes available. Anyone with more information is asked to contact the North Pole Police Department or Silent Elf Observer.

Video can be seen below of this strange incident. Below that, you check out the stunning photos of the 2021 Battle Creek Christmas Parade.

Stunning 2021 Battle Creek Christmas Parade Drone Photos

Patman Droneography took these amazing photos from the skies over downtown Battle Creek during the Christmas Parade

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