Led Zeppelin and David Bowie have been the latest rockers to release their own shoes.   With the many artists releasing their own over the years, is their a favorite pair that you have owned?

My favorite pair so far has been my "Wish You Were Here" shoes.   Converse released a few Pink Floyd themed shoes that included, "Dark Side Of The Moon", "Animals" and "The Wall".

I have always liked the album cover for "Wish You Were Here" so it was an easy decision to get a hold of the shoes.   I rarely ever wear them anymore as I don't want to ruin them.

I've probably worn them once since I saw Roger Waters and "The Wall" tour in 2010.

I came close to getting a pair of the Metallica Converse that were released.   I remember they were based on the "Ride The Lightning" cover.    There has been some cool looking shoes released recently I may have to get out and get a new pair.

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