Few things get me as excited as the opportunity to try new food. That must be why I find myself in a relationship with a chef. That's also why I need the gyms to open back up but...that's beside the point. A new restaurant is coming to Kalamazoo all the way from Egypt.

Cairo's Kitchen, which has been operating as a food truck, is now opening their own storefront in downtown Kalamazoo. It's a family operation that has been in the works for years. According to First and 42, the family has been slowly emigrating to Kalamazoo over the past decade. It started with the father, Aden, followed by siblings Ramy, Remonda and David, with the mother, Salwa making her way to the US last.

While they had to wait for Salwa's paperwork to go through, like social security and so on, the family decided to set up a stand at the farmer's market to sell the homemade dishes that Salwa created. Locals fell in love with the food which led to the food truck and now finally to a "brick and mortar" restaurant.

In a quote from Ramy he says,

We really love Kalamazoo. There’s so much diversity and people are really interested in trying different things. That’s why we picked downtown.

Details on the new opening are scarce, but you can expect it inside the Exchange Building in the spring of 2021. And that's an estimation. Cairo's Kitchen says they hope to bring a unique dining experience to Kalamazoo and said the space is “something that hasn’t been done in Kalamazoo.”

In the meantime you can follow them on both Instagram and Facebook or find their menu on their website.

Wondering where you can dine out in downtown Kalamazoo through this recent shut down? Find the list of who's open, closed, and doing delivery below.

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