How? How does this keep happening? There are people I work with who are from Florida who haven't seen as many alligators as I have since I moved to Michigan.

And this past week, it happened again, this time on the east side of the state. Though it's very likely, these guys will end up at the Critchlow Alligator Sanctuary in Athens, because that's the ONLY place you should be finding alligators in Michigan!


"Detroit police officers were sent to the east side of Detroit to assist Bailiffs from 36th District Court in dealing with a furious tenant being evicted from their home, located on Yorkshire Boulevard. Officials say that when police arrived at the tenant's home, they fled and jumped into an unknown vehicle.
"Bailiffs accessed the home of the evicted tenant and discovered a LARGE ALLIGATOR AND MULTIPLE SMALL ALLIGATORS INSIDE. According to officials, animal control was contacted and Detroit police returned to the home and assisted Bailiffs with the situation."

A WHOLE ALLIGATOR FAMILY!!! What the crap man?

It still baffles me as to why there are so many alligators found in Michigan.

In Southwest Michigan alone, in the past year, an alligator was spotted crossing the street in Kalamazoo, and "arrested" by police.

And even later in the summer, an alligator was reportedly seen in the Kalamazoo River, near the Whitehouse Nature Center by Albion College. That sighting prompted a three-day shutdown of the area while authorities and animal control searched for the wild gator.


I'm baffled by people who want to keep them as pets, even though it IS illegal to do so in Michigan. And as crazy as it is to have ONE alligator, these people had a FAMILY of them in their home... that they were renting.

I guess we know why they were so upset about being evicted. The good news is, though, those alligators are in a MUCH better home (again, likely in Athens) for the Holidays.

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