Standing water where there is not supposed to be water can be dangerous; stay safe and stay away for these 5 reasons.

The City of Kalamazoo is "planning for the worst and hoping for the best" as February 2018 brings record floods to the area. At a press conference on Feb. 22nd, Kalamazoo County Emergency Management Director Pat Wright detailed the dangers of standing water and why we should stay away.

1. Downed power lines.

  • Flooding can make downed power lines invisible but they are no less dangerous.

2. Raw sewage.

  • 50,000 gallons just overflowed into the Battle Creek River. Gross.It happens more often than you'd like to think.

3. Underwater obstacles.

Whether on foot or in a vehicle (even a pickup or SUV) there may be obstacles concealed under the standing water that may pose risks.

4. Current can be dangerous.

Not only electrical current (see above) but the current created by flowing water can be very dangerous. Kalamazoo County Emergency Management Director Pat Wright warns "water that is ankle deep can be moving fast enough to knock you off your feet."

5. The road may have washed away.

We have seen record river levels from these rains in Southwest Michigan causing not only potholes but erosion of road surfaces themselves. Water over the road means you can't see what shape the road is in.

It may be inconvenient to detour, you may think you can make it or decide that it looks like fun to play but stay out of the water- it can be dangerous.

Bonus Video: April 2017 Flooding- Comstock

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