Last Year it was announced that Detroit is looking to land a Major League Soccer team.  The city is still waiting, but a big name has joined the list of names trying to bring a team to Michigan. 

According to the story from Detroit Free Press,  The Ford family has joined the Dan Gilbert and Tom Gores effort in bringing a MLS Franchise to Detroit.  Ford Field would be the home of the new team.

There was a plan to build a stadium on the Gratiot Avenue jail site but that plan looks to have been scrapped.

With the three owners backing, Detroit will have a good chance to land a team for 2020 when MLS announces two new expansion teams in December.  If they happen to miss out for 2020 the league plans on announcing two more teams in 2022.

If Ford Field hosts a new team there would have to be modifications to the stadium to host MLS games which the owners should be able to do.

With the additional of a MLS team, Detroit would have 5 major professional teams within walking distance of each other.

Detroit is among a list of 11 other cities to have made bids for a team in 2020.  We should find out before the end of the year if there will be a team in Detroit.

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