There's no doubt that Ford Field has received a TON of accolades, and praise during this NFL postseason. Commentators, reporters, and opposing teams are enamored with the atmosphere that the Lions have created in the past few years as Dan Campbell has carefully crafted this Brand New Lions team.

Most notably, they have mentioned the sound in the stadium, and amazingly enough, Ford Field set not one, but TWO personal bests during the playoff games this year.

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The Brand New Lions have been on a tear, and are making their deepest playoff run since the 1960s, now set to play in the NFC Championship against the San Francisco 49ers. And a big part of why they've been so unstoppable is the crowd, and atmosphere during their home games. That was no more apparent than the last to postseason games at Ford Field.

During their Wildcard Weekend game against the L.A. Rams, the crowd set a record for loudest crowd at Ford Field at 133.6 decibels. For the record, a Jet Engine emits 135 decibels of sound from about 100 yards away. It's insanely loud.

But Detroit wasn't done yet. Last week's home game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers bested even that record, and the new one now stands at 134.3 decibels at Ford Field.

Now, while the Lions are making a legitimate push for best crowd in the NFL, they still haven't quite touched the loudest ever NFL game, which happened at a Kansas City Chiefs game in Arrowhead Stadium. They topped out at a world record 142.2 decibels, which is well past the early stages of hearing loss.

But maybe the most remarkable part of Ford Field's crowd noise wasn't how loud it was, but how quiet it got on the other end of the ball. ESPN's Steve Levy explains.

First of all, props for the phrase "Goffense," which I will never NOT use when the Lions have the ball again. And second, he's absolutely right. If you go back and listen to the INSANE difference in sound when the Lions have the ball, it's unbelievable. You can hear everything the offense is saying clear as day.

But when the Rams or Bucs had the ball... no chance.

It's a shame we won't see anymore games at Ford Field this season, but now that we know what we're capable of, we can't wait to get back in there for the 2024/25 season. We miss you already Ford Field.

GO LIONS! #OnePride

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