There are so many cold cases in the state of Michigan that have yet to be unsolved, but one may be closer than ever to being solved out in Port Huron. Back in 1980, Karen Humphrey, who was 21 years old at the time was found dead in the state game area in Beard Hillson on November 2.

Up until recently there was no way of finding out who could have possibly murdered her but with the aid of technology we use today with DNA forensics, the Saint Clair County Sheriff's Office has arrested 70-year-old Douglas Leming from Fort Gratiot, in connection to the murder as they recently announced:

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St Clair County Sheriff’s Detective Bureau has worked tirelessly over the last year that has finally led to a break in the case. Thanks to advancements in DNA testing and availability, lead Det. Ed Silver was able to get a match. Working with the Michigan State Police and Othram, a company specializing in forensic genetic geneology, information was uncovered that previously would have been impossible to find. From there, St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office detectives spoke to many people that were connected to the victim and suspect over 40 years ago, gathering information and making vital connections.


What's Next For Murder Suspect Douglas Fleming?

On Sunday, December 17, 2023, Laming was arraigned at the 72nd District Court in Port Huron on the charges of Felony Murder and will remain at St. Clair County Detention and Intervention Center, until his court date for a probable cause conference on December 26, 2023.

Western Michigan Working On Solving Cold Cases

Western Michigan University has already helped in the apprehension of suspects of a few cold cases, and is currently working on 4 cold cases in Michigan, for the murder of Janis Sanders, and Ann Paetz, and has already assisted in the murder case of Cathy Swartz and Roxanne Wood

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