Galesburg house for sale: Spacious, posh main floor for entertaining, two-bedroom apartment upstairs, don't ask about the basement.

This is a real estate listing of a property with a view...and a story. This 2,378 sq ft structure sits on 3.5 quiet acres in the peaceful village of Galesburg and used to be a funeral home. Could you lay your head down each night in a place where so many people were last seen just before they were laid to rest eternally?

Built in 1890 at 145 W Battle Creek St in Galesburg, this was, until recently one of the Langeland Family Funeral Homes. The company is still in business but closed this location during the Coronavirus pandemic and it is now for sale as a retail or commercial site with an upstairs apartment for residency or rental. The pricetag is $195,000.

This 130+-year-old stately building has some unique features you won't see anywhere else. The home entertainment system is the funeral home organ- it's included in the sale. Out back, there's a three-stall garage with fourteen additional parking spaces.

So, if you are interested, do you hire a home inspector or a ghost hunter?

Funeral Home for Sale in Galesburg

There's the idea of a quiet, peaceful homelife, and then there's this. You could live in a place where so many were put to eternal rest. Take a look at this former funeral home is for sale in Galesburg.

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