Imagine driving down the interstate in middle-of-nowhere Indiana. After miles and miles of soybean and cornfields an oasis of sorts comes into view, a sign of civilization - a water tower. Standing tall next to Interstate 69 Exit 259 is the standpipe for Gas City, the most ridiculed water tower in America.

Water towers are generally dull and only occasionally whimsical (Pensacola Beach has a beach ball while Gaffney, South Carolina is a giant peach). But Gas City stands alone with water tower ridicule. Why? It's the font. Called comic sans it was designed to be a part of Windows 95 and intended for informal and educational documents. The font is inspired by comic book writing.

Comic sans, or more correctly, its apparent misuse, has also been widely criticized and ridiculed. Its appearance on a water tower does seem odd. Odd enough to be the lead story on reddit recently.

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