There's a lot of science that goes in to art. I'm serious. Especially in the case of glassblowing, conditions have to be just right to get the desired result. Any imperfections in the glass, temperatures being too hot or too cool, and timing all need to be considered when learning and perfecting this age-old art. Vicksburg Cultural Art Center invites you to Studios Revealed, beginning November 24th. You're invited to take an in depth look into fine art and the creative process of both glassblowing and lampworking featuring local artists, Judith Konesni and Michael Fortin of Avolio GlassWerks in Kalamazoo. You've seen their work at Park Trades Center during Art Hop, as well as proudly displayed in pubs around town, but did you know they have pieces featured internationally at museums and galleries? Suffice it to say, they know their way around glass.


Studios Revealed will hold an exhibit opening event, Sunday, November 24th from 2:00pm to 6:00pm at 105 S. Main in Vicksburg. Guests will enjoy live demonstrations and refreshments, and have the opportunity to purchase unique glass art pieces.

What you need to know:

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