Remember when we overhyped the fact that the legendary Gibson Guitar Factory was going to be transformed into a lavish Hard Rock Hotel?

Today, Monday, March 1st, 2021, that dream to one giant step closer to becoming reality. Hard Rock Hotels will redevelop the iconic Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Manufacturing Co. site as a new hotel property and entertainment venue.

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Well, now we have to ask "whatever happened to that?" Because it appears there has been no progress with renovating the Gibson smokestack as well as refurbishing the grounds the factory sits on for this entertainment venue. A local photographer William Dolak recently took some photos of the site and brought up a good point about the condition of the area:

No Visible Progress Early in 2021, Hard Rock International announced it was partnering with PlazaCorp and Dora Hotel Co. to turn the Heritage Guitar Factory (previously Gibson) into a space with a hotel, restaurant, brewery, and live music. The effort to rebuild the Gibson factory smokestack seems to have stalled since at least 2018.
When the announcement was first made in early 2021, it was said that completion of this project would be wrapping up in the Fall of 2023. Well, we are roughly 65 weeks away from that time frame and there have been no teams on site and no construction even started. We also have to take into consideration that Winter will slow things down, so let's hope we hear something soon because at this rate it looks like we'll be waiting longer for it to happen.

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