If there is one thing to come out of this pandemic its got to be good old fashion ingenuity. Take the age old art of trick or treating. The old school way was to await the arrival of thankless kids to arrive at your door. They would overzealously pound on your front door and demand a treat be delivered inside the bag of bounty they carried. If you were lucky, you would get a nod of approval for your treat and maybe even a barely audible thank you.

Then they were off to Knollwood, Edison or Burke Acres to invade as many neighborhoods as possible before dark.

Well say goodbye to the notion of having to hand deliver piece by piece the treats this year my friend because once you witness how much fun delivering candy is via the new trendy, social distancing method, why we think you'll actually enjoy staying home to deliver the goods.

To get started on my candy delivering system I visited the Home Depot on Westnedge in Portage to get all my supplies. Total project pricing can be very affordable and down right cheap depending on the quality of supplies you want to get. Expect to roughly spend near 60-70 bucks.

I will show you the results of my project soon but in the meantime use the following videos like I did and lets share our completed projects. Good luck.

Here's a "how to" on how to make a Candy Zip-Line:

Here's a simple Candy Catapult for hours of candy delivering fun.

And finally, try a Candy Slide. This is the one I'm going to attempt:

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