Now that we've gotten a taste of 80 degree weather, west Michigan residents are starting to prepare for some fun in the sun! The unofficial kick off to summer, Memorial Day, is just weeks away and many Michiganders are getting ready to splash around and take a dip in cool refreshing waters.

If you'd prefer to cool off in a pool and not one of the Great Lakes, you're probably getting ready to open your pool for the summer. That can involve removing the cover, shocking the water with treatment chemicals, and even filling the pool with water.

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Lately I've noticed a lot of area residents asking where or how to fill their pools to prepare for summer. Here are some of the most common responses I've seen online:

Fritz Farms/Transport LLC

For the last 20 years Fritz Farms has been delivering water in the southwest Michigan area, particularly south of Holland and west of Kalamazoo. Fritz fills pools, ponds, hot tubs, and tanks for agricultural and commercial use. They only accept cash or check-- no card!

Mark the WaterBoy/L.A. Transport

With service to Kalamazoo, Saugatuck, Grand Rapids, Holland, Allegan, and the surrounding areas, Mark Roodbergen has been hauling water to both commercial and residential projects for over 23 years. WaterBoy will deliver clean and clear city water for your pool, which can be filled in just a few hours.

Simon Brothers

Based out of Fowler, MI, Simon Brothers offers pool filling services and uses sanitized stainless steel tankers. Says Simon Brothers, "As the temperature rises, so does the need to relax and refresh. We can fill pools of any size with quality pool water."

Ziegler's Pool Waters

Based out of Niles, Ziegler's says they offer competitive pricing and flexible scheduling. Ziegler's can keep you cool all summer long with fresh water for your pool. They even fill hot tubs/spas too. More info here.

Local Fire Departments

Several residents shared their experiences using local fire departments to fill their pools. However, it seems like many area fire departments have discontinued this service so you'll want to call to confirm. Said Corliss Lemke,

Had the Allegan Fire District fill my pool last summer. They ask for a donation of 50 dollars for every 1000 gallons....14000 gallons later, we donated 700 bucks but was totally worth it and the guys were great....filled it in an hour

The Gobles Pine Grove Fire Department was mentioned several times as well. Lauri Krueger added,

Depending on where you are located, I believe Gobles Fire Dept. does it for a fee as a fundraiser?

Other Methods

  • You can always do it the old-fashioned way and use your garden hose! However, it may take several days to fill up. Said Marley Rocha, "I fill mine with a garden hose. Plainwell gives us 1000 gallons."
  • Vicksburg resident Tamara Patterson has a suggestion of her own: "My husband fills pools, we live in the Vicksburg area. His name is Lane Patterson, 269-217-7272."

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