There are so many good foods to try out there, that when it comes to trying something new, not only do I look for a different kind of food, but a different way to prepare it. Many Americans may not realize that when it comes to pasta, alfredo in particular, the milk and cream we use for the sauce is strictly an American thing.

Traditional alfredo is made with cheese, butter, and pasta water, which makes sense that this Midland, Michigan restaurant does things the traditional way. But they kick it up a notch higher by mixing your pasta in a massive cheese wheel  that someone claimed was $9000. These kinds of cheese wheels START at around $3,000. A recent post was made in a Facebook group that shows the waitress in action and it’s a thing of beauty:
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You guys!!!!!! Someone here suggested Gratzi in Midland for fettuccini Alfredo in a cheese wheel. I've been wanting to go for like a month. It was INCREDIBLE!!!!! It's kind of an upscale place inside but they offer outdoor seating and the street is blocked off with GAMES for families so our 3 year old was able to run around with other kids and we didn't disturb anyone . You HAVE TO GO! *Edit to add that the portion in the cheese bowl is two separate orders. So don't share you will be mad you didn't order two.
Check out the action below:
This Michigan restaurant is known for finishing their fettuccine Alfredo at the table by emulsifying the sauce in a big wheel of it done here.

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