Economic effects of COVID-19 are being felt in all sectors of the economy. Victory Cruise Lines has scrapped plans to put luxury cruise ships on the Great Lakes

We know the restaurant and hospitality industry has suffered due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but the travel industry has been decimated. The latest blow to Michigan tourism comes with the announcement by Victory Cruise Lines that it will put plans on hold to sail Lake Michigan with stops in the ports of Detroit, Mackinac Island, Muskegon and others.

The decision to suspend service for 2020 was a difficult and disappointing choice but necessary in response to uncertainties of Canadian travel in the coming months. In anticipation of operating, we have taken this time to implement cutting-edge health and safety protocols. We will now focus on our exciting new itineraries planned for 2021, including the Ocean Victory in Alaska.

-John Waggoner, founder and CEO of American Queen Steamboat Company. parent company of Victory Cruise Lines

MLive reports "the Canadian government...extended a ban on non-essential travel between the United States and Canada until at least June 21 because of the coronavirus pandemic. Victory itineraries typically include stops at both Canadian and U.S. ports, including Cleveland, Chicago, Toronto, Niagara Falls and Sault Ste. Marie." There were six Great Lakes experiences to choose from, with all inclusive voyages varying from 9-16 days.

Note: Viking Cruise Line continues its plan to launch on the Great Lakes beginning in January 2022.

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