People have been reflecting recently how much they miss the old Great Lakes Shipping Company restaurant on KL Ave in Kalamazoo. Known by many for having the best French dip sandwiches and salads in the world, the closure of the restaurant was a sad day for many people who've called Kalamazoo their home for years. The Great Lakes Shipping Company was in Kalamazoo for 44 years until its closure 5 years ago in 2018, but it still lives in spirit.

Recently, a man took to social media to express his joy of discovering that Great Lakes Shipping Company's memory is not being forgotten, as a little piece of their establishment is being used today at a local coffee shop:

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Had coffee at The Stamped Robin with my kiddo this rainy afternoon... we don't get chances to do that very often these days. Was great to catch up - she's a busy girl. But while we were there I couldn't help but notice that the table looked familiar... so I asked. Sure enough, it's one from the old Great Lakes Shipping Co. restaurant that closed up a few years ago. Great memories of that place so this was kinda like running into an old friend. The coffee was great, too, and the company was even better.

Many people who commented were elated to find out that there is still a part of this company alive today, with one woman reflecting on ho her and her husband were actually engaged there. Hopefully, one of the restaurants now can grow to become special to that degree, and the Stamped Robin continues to keep the old restaurants memory alive.

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