Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I scour the interwebs to find the best (and worst) thoughts floating around social media.  Without further ado…

Here are the BEST Great Moments in Facebook History for today, Monday, January 23rd, 2017:

  • There's much better things in life than alcohol but alcohol compensates for not getting them.
  • I just saw a hot mom at McDonalds spank her kid after he threw his fries on the ground, so I threw my fries on the ground too.
  • Addie-Attn to all men: roses are a dollar each at wegmans!

    Cody-so are McDoubles at McDonalds.

  • Jim – you know you’re early to class if the previous class’ instructor has “porntube” up on the overhead projector.
  • (@CookSuck) New app idea: an alarm clock that sends a d*ck pic to your mum if you don’t wake up

(Found on TJs Home, Failbook)

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