Now that the Detroit Tigers have committed to a rebuild and have traded away a few of their big contracts, it is a good time to go to a game if you are low on cash.

According to Detroit Free Press, tickets for the remaining home games for the Tigers this season are cheap.    Tickets are ranging anywhere from $6-$7 bucks to $17 to $20 during the week.   Weekends it goes up just a bit but not by much.

These cheap tickets are posted on ticket sites like Stub Hub. Many fans are trying to get rid of them for the last 11 games of the season.  They play the White Sox, Athletics and Twins over the last home stand of the season which will be September 14th through 24th.

The team is not good and the games mean nothing but if you have never been to Comerica Park and want to save some cash it is a good time as any to head to a game.

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