It seems like we as Americans LOVE destroying anything about our past just to make way for a flashy new site. That's once again the case for the former Greyhound Bus Facility located at 2300 W. Fort St in Detroit, as Crain's Detroit is reporting. The demolition is apparently for the expansion of the Ambassador Bridge plaza.

As someone at noted, the following information was available for paid subscribers through Crain's website, but we've provided it here with their help:
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Crain's Detroit Business reports that the former Greyhound facility on West Fort Street will be demolished by the Morouns as part of a new bridge plaza. The building at 2300 W. Fort St. opened in 1948 as a Greyhound bus garage. It hasn't been used for a while, but, personally, the retro Greyhound logo has always brought a smile to my face. The garage was designed by the firm Harley, Ellington & Day. The Hubbard-Richard community and City will get some land as part of an agreement with the Moroun family to get their buy-in.

Where'd That Money Come From?

The Moroun Family gained their fortune from the last Manuel Moroun, who, up until his passing, was a billionaire who owned the Ambassador Bridge. Moroun died of congestive heart failure at his home in Grosse Pointe Shores on July 12, 2020

Why Do We Tear Down Everything?

One of the things a friend from another continent pointed out, is how few historic sites and buildings we have in the United States. I know we have a smattering here and there, but it's nothing compared to historic sites around the world. It seems like as soon as we don't know what to do with something we destroy it and go to the next thing.
Sadly, this iconic building will soon meet its fate at the hands of billionaires who really have nobody's concerns but theirs in mind.

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