Taking Christmas-themed photos and sending them to the family is a tradition many families participate in during the holiday season and something many families look forward to. There are some photos however that could land Michigan photographers in some serious who-hash if you get my meaning.

There's a viral post regarding Grinch photo shoots for profit that went viral after a woman was apparently sent a cease and desists for making a profit off of shooting family photos themed after The Grinch for a profit:
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You Can get Sued For Making Money Off of The Grinch

Friendly reminder that shooting Grinch themed photo sessions FOR A PROFIT is federal trademark infringement, and Dr. Seuss Int. literally hires out a team this time of year to reverse image search and sue photogs who have used their characters for profit. So, unless you have $120,000 for a license to use their characters, that’s not a lawsuit you’ll win. Several years ago, a photographer offered Grinch mini sessions and her post went viral. Like, super viral. She was slapped with a lawsuit almost immediately annnnddd…. she lost. Copyright infringement is not a joke.

Is It Illegal To Take Pictures of The Grinch?

As long as you're not making a profit from doing photo sessions you can not and will not be sued, and should make that aware if you're going to publish the photos publically. However, as another person claimed, you could lose your entire business over the ordeal if you do charge people:

Dr. Seuss has a dedicated legal team that seeks out photographers using the Grinch in their sessions to send them cease and desist letter, and possibly sue. Photographers have lost their entire businesses over it. Just wanted to let you know

Look: You Can Spend the Night Inside The Grinch's Cave

“Maybe Christmas (he thought) doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more.” — The Grinch. That may be true, but spending the night in the Grinch's cave complete with Who-hash and Who-pudding could be cool too. You can rent the uniquely designed and decorated cave to spend a night in through Vacasa. Take a look inside the very Grinchy, yet adorable "home".

Gallery Credit: Vacasa

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