Richie, Potsie, and Ralph went to Jefferson High and never experienced anything paranormal. However, if they had been students at Jeffers High, it woulda been a different story.

Jeffers High in the Michigan village of Painesdale was established in 1871 and named after Fred Jeffers, who had been the school's principal from 1891-1899 and superintendent from 1899 to the early 1960s.

Fred wasn't the only Jeffers in charge of the school; his wife Cora was principal for a good number of years. Cora died in 1948, two days before her 78th birthday, and Fred was 97 years old when he passed away in 1966. It's these two who are said to haunt the school to this day.

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According to Weird Michigan via, the school cook went in early one day to make homemade rolls and buns. She was in an anteroom just off the kitchen, with a diamond-patterned glass window in the door. It's the kind of window where you can notice movement on the other side, but can't see who or what causes it.

She noticed a figure walking by the window and yelled out “who's in my kitchen?!!!” She opened the door to confront whoever it was and no one was there. She went back in and moments later, there was that human figure again. She quickly opened the door to catch whoever it was, and again no one was there. Upon closing the door, she saw a pink face looking back at her. She immediately opened the door, and again, nobody there. The cook left and refused to enter that place from then on.

The school commissioner was in early one morning at 5:30 when he heard a basketball being dribbled in the gym. He yelled at whoever it could've been, went in, and turned on the lights. No one there except a basketball in the middle of the court. He left, only to hear the dribbling again. He went back in and turned on the lights...the basketball was now closer to him. This went on for a third time, and when he again hit the lights, the basketball was right at his feet!

Another tale was related by one of the old custodians. He was told by the superintendent to go into the attic and remove all the old papers: old schoolbooks, records, signed checks, and more, and take 'em to a dump. He was hesitant to pitch out some of these 'mementos', but he did his job and threw every bit away. A few weeks later, he was hauled into the superintendent's office, where he got a good bawling out. “I thought I told you to get rid of all those attic papers!” yelled the supe. The old custodian went upstairs, looked into the attic, and sure enough...all that he had thrown away were back in place. He told the superintendent that if he wanted that stuff thrown away, he could do it himself, because “I ain't goin' back up there again!”

The school is still in operation and has held up well for approximately 150 years. It is  a highly respected school, and an interesting drive-by next time you take a Northern Michigan roadtrip.

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