Here's another Michigan graveyard that seems to contain a number of restless spirits.

The Tyler Road Cemetery in Belleville is home to a number of apparitions, all dressed in white, that continually haunt the graveyard grounds.

These ghosts have been seen walking - or floating - through the graveyard; when they arrive at the cemetery's tallest gravemarker, they vanish into it. 

People who have driven their vehicles through the cemetery at night, say that once the apparitions see you, they will follow your car. 

Many graveyards throughout our state seem to have a common theme: a mysterious "Lady in White" (sometimes they are different colors, mostly blue) and Tyler Cemetery has one of its own. The main explanation for these "ladies in white" is that they are searching...looking for a lost child or a lost love and will continue to do so, night after night, until they find what they seek. Under any circumstances, DO NOT interrupt these ladies if you come across one. 

If you care to investigate, be respectful, adhere to any closing hours, seek permission to enter if it's closed, don't vandalize, don't litter, don't be noisy, and don't be obnoxious. Don't ruin it for others.

Tyler Road Cemetery is located in Wayne County, Michigan. The photos below show you where it is.

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