Rockford is well-known for its infamous “Hell’s Bridge”…..but there is another haunting taking place in that town.

The Rockford Dam is on the Rogue River, off Bridge Street between Spring Street and White Pine Trail. Constructed in 1844, the dam itself is not said to be haunted, the overlook is.

The date is unknown, but the tale says that years ago a young boy fell into the river and drowned at the dam site. Since then, some visitors to the dam claim that they were ‘pushed’ by an unseen presence (could this mean that the boy was pushed into the water by someone?).

Others have seen the figure of a boy running from the overlook into the nature trail on the west end of the dam. Others say they have had personal possessions missing after walking on the dam overlook.

The dam surroundings underplay the haunting rumors. On the west side is Peppler Park. On the east side is Garden Club Park and a variety of eateries: Dam Dogs, Custard By The Dam, Ramona’s Table, Kayla Rae’s Wine Cellar, and Arnie’s Old Mill. Further down Bridge Street and around the block you’ll find Burger Shack, Sweetland Chocolates & Coffee, Rogue River Tavern, Rockford Corner Bar, Uccello’s Restaurant, Rocky’s Dairy Depot, and Marinade’s Pizza Bistro. It’s almost like you’re supposed to grab some food & drink before you set off to investigate the dam.

The haunting of the Rockford Dam Overlook is not as well-known as Rockford’s “Hells Bridge”, but it may be worth a visit… least you can get something to eat.

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