I just realized that this is yet another installment of a series I started earlier this year.  In one of the blogs I suggested that I might be getting a reputation as a "pot head".  Despite the fact that I was a teenager in the 70s, I'm merely interested as to how this whole legalization will pan out.  Hey!  It's not a foregone conclusion.  The voters still have to decide in about a month.  But given that I was part of that generation might have something to do with my following the road to the vote.

We've touched on many aspects of what legalized recreational marijuana will mean to the citizens of Michigan.  Some of it is good and some of it is bad.  One thing, though, that will always be a driving force is MONEY.  Proponents have often fallen back on how much revenue will be generated when it's legal.  Opponents have often fallen back on justifying legalization by the amount of revenue that could be generated.  According to an article on 9and10news.com, the Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol says $134,000,000 will be generated annually from taxes.  Get more information by clicking HERE.

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