It was less than a week ago that we had our first known food recall of the year.  Perdue Farms had to recall some chicken nuggets that were found to have pieces of wood in them.  That's bad for sure but certainly not as bad as some of the recalls we've had in the past.  I mean I could pick out the pieces of wood if I had to.  I'm just saying.  This latest recall, however, wouldn't allow me or anyone else to pick the problem out.

According to, General Mills is recalling a number of 5 pound bags of it's Gold Medal unbleached flour due to the possibility of Salmonella contamination.  It seems like most of the time there's a food recall it's something that doesn't affect our family but this is specifically what we use for baking, etc.  The better-if-used-by date is April 20, 2020 and the package UPC is 000-16000-19610-0.  Check out more of the information by clicking HERE.


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