We all have our idiosyncrasies, and sometimes we feel like we're the only ones who have them.  But, it turns out, you might not be the only only in that odd habit corner.

Buzzfeed posted the results of a survey just how normal your patterns actually are. I've got my highlights here, and how accurate they are for me. How do you measure Prepare to be relieved... or depressed!


When you leave a store without buying anything, do you get weirdly nervous that they'll think you're shoplifting? (75% said yes, 25% said no)

  • I do. Every. Single. Time. Especially when I've been walking around with one item for an extended period of time, see the ridiculously long check-out line and determine the purchase isn't worth the wait. I put the item back on the shelf and walk out just WAITING for someone to ambush me and ask to check my bag. And then... then I remember I have an unopened pack of gum in my bag and wonder if I have the receipt on me to prove that I did not, in fact, take it from the store I'm currently in.  I'm going to jail.  Yup, this is how it ends.

Do you ever think other people are judging you based on how fast your windshield wipers are going in light rain? (51% said yes, 49% said no)

  • I don't feel judged because my wipers are going the appropriate speed for current conditions. You, on the other hand, need to settle down, sport. It's a drizzle that's barely perceptible when waiting at a traffic light. Dial it back.

Do you HAVE to sleep with a fan on, even in the winter, because you need the white noise? (65% said yes, 35% said no)

  • No. NO. Who is doing this? I've never understood the fan thing. I know people who need flannel pajamas and seven blankets but still put the fan on.  WHY? Is it a white noise thing? I'm really very curious.

Do you physically cringe every time you hear a recording of your speaking voice? (82% said yes, 18% said no)

  • This one is tricky because I host a morning radio show and I listen to my recorded voice a lot for my job. I think it still surprises me to hear my voice, just because my voice sounds completely different bouncing off the inside of my skull than it does when it's picked up by a mic, so I wouldn't say I cringe, so much, as I am a bit taken aback.

Do you ever feel sorry for inanimate objects, for example toys from your childhood that you don't play with anymore? (67% said yes, 33% said no)

  • *sigh* yes. Yes I do. I'm not going to say I have a full blown case of anthropomorphism, but I can't help but seeing a wedding gown in a thrift store, or a discarded teddy bear and feel a pang of melancholy.

Do you turn down your car radio when you're looking for an address or street sign? (84% said yes, 16% said no)

  • 16% of people are lying.

Do you ever say "I know" to your animals after they meow/bark/etc. at you, even though you have no idea what they just said? (82% said yes, 18% said no)

  • My conversations with my cats contain far more profanity, but, yes, I am guilty of responding to a pleading meow. I will try to match the whininess of said meow, as well, just so my cat can hear just how annoying he's being. It's a good thing I have no children.

So, what about you? Is this you, Kalamazoo?

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