You just never know what you'll find on Google Maps.

Recently, in the Facebook group Abandoned, Old, and Interesting Places in Michigan, Joshua C. posted a series of photos of an odd-looking house in Three Oaks. His caption read,

Family and I went on spring break and my daughter found this very cool place just south of Three Oaks MI.


While I can't share the photos in this article (you can see them here), they did pique my interest. I wanted to see this house for myself at least on Google Maps.

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Instead, what I found was so much better. I present to you, a yard dinosaur?

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

It's even marked as "Mystery Dinosaur" on Google Maps.

Via/ Google Maps
Via/ Google Maps

So, What's the Story?

According to comments on the above-mentioned Facebook post, this property belongs to a local artist. Jaqueline H. commented:

From what I’ve been told owner is an artist. He was upset they were putting a landfill in across from his property so he built an entire house(this) out of recycled materials to prove a point.

On Google Maps, just behind the "Mystery Dinosaur" landmark is a building marked as Far World Studios so, it looks like this was at one time an art studio of sorts. However, currently, it does not appear to be open or active.

But, if you stop by, just know that someone might be there. Mike M. commented on that same Facebook post and said,

A few years back we stopped with the kids to look and owner came out and asked us if we wanted to come in and look at some black light art we said no thanks and left.

If you are near or in the Three Oaks area and plan to find this house keep in mind that this is private property. It would be best to admire it from the road.

Using recycled materials to decorate your home as a protest to a landfill is definitely one way to communicate a message. But, what message are you sending when you're entire house is decorated with mirrors?

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