A Three Oaks photographer has come up with a cozy setting for a special photo shoot with props including a vintage camper and bicycle.

Photographers, like many businesses, have had to innovate since the pandemic disrupted "normal" life. Natalie Cacioppo has come up with compelling sets to frame her subjects and people can't get enough.

Anyone can shoot a subject against a brick wall, or in a forest by tree with colorful leaves, but Natalie took it a step further, creating a cozy campfire scene right in her Three Oaks backyard. Couples, kids, families and pets gathered around the campfire, sitting on a bench and a couple of logs. The scene was completed by everything you need to make s'mores. Some even came in costume to be photographed amongst the pumpkins and haybales. She told me,

I just knew I wanted to offer something different, or maybe something other photographers in the area have not done yet

-Natalie Cacioppo, photographer

The holiday camper set was Natalie's next idea after the campfire, and it looks adorable. A vintage camper is the backdrop, all decorated for Christmas with garland and a wreath. A matching vintage bicycle makes an amusing prop. The winter scene is completed with a small pine tree, classic thermos and toy truck. Imagine your family on set in Natalie's backyard and you've got the perfect Christmas card for 2020. In fact, you even get a free ornament to take home if you book a session. Be sure to share your photos with us if you do.

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Fall and Holiday Photography


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