Bathrooms were violently destroyed at Battle Creek's Bridge Park. Authorities think social media challenges may be to blame. 

Calhoun County Parks shared disturbing photos on their Facebook page of a "significant act of vandalism" at Historic Bridge Park in Emmet Township. The post was shared more than 600 times in about 10 hours. "Significant" is an understatement, as the porcelain toilet and sink of an indoor bathroom were violently and completely destroyed. Emmett Township Public Safety is investigating with the help of video footage.

Social media questioned the motives of the perpetrators, offered their best wishes for capture, and a few vigilantes had suggestions on the punishment of those responsible for the grievous acts. From the comments:

  • That is sickening!!
  • Release the footage to everyone! Let the public find them
  • I hope they catch who did it! So unnecessary and waste!
  • Grow up people. The challenges aren't worth it especially if you are found and taken to jail.
  • Wow!! That’s sad they have nothing better to do then destroy something!
  • I don't care what age you are whoever did this needs to be charged like an adult! They need to spend a significant amount of time in jail
  • This is so heartbreaking!!! I don’t understand why people have to be like this and destroy things !!!

Ironically, social media may have been the motivation. In September and October, many news outlets reported on "a new, destructive TikTok craze [that] has teens stealing and damaging property at schools." Many of these incidents involved vandalizing plumbing, and that may be exactly what happened here at Historic Bridge Park in Battle Creek.

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