Future Hall of Fame First Baseman Albert Pujols picked up his 2,000 RBI against the Tigers.  The fan who caught the ball ended up keeping it. 

According to M-Live, the home run ball hit by Pujols was his 2,000th RBI.  The fan who caught the ball decided to keep it for himself. It is not authenticated so he would have issues trying to sell it.

Team officials offered the fan signed items but the fan refused he just wanted the ball.  Would you keep a ball even if you were offered signed items from players like Pujols and Miguel Cabrera?

I remember being at a game a few years ago when Jeff Francoeur of the Royals hit a home run.  The ball landed a section over from where I was sitting.

The Royals ended up hooking the fan up with a signed bat.  Francoeur picked up his 1000th career hit so wanted the ball.    I can see a fan giving up the ball for 1,000 hits.  The Pujols situation would be a difficult decision but I can see why the guy would keep it.

If you caught a milestone ball would you be willing to give it up?


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