Take a look at this castle compound on the outskirts of the Southern Indiana town of Charlestown, near Jeffersonville part of the Lousiville metro area.

The homesite is for sale for $400,000 for 2,736 square foot house with 2 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.

What's most intriguing about the home is the living space is only a small portion of the castle. The masonry walls hide a huge interior yard with room for dozens of vehicles and massive storage.

The home was featured on the Zillow Gone Wild Facebook page. This comment sums up with you may think when seeing the images.

This is so random. Parts of it are cool and have potential to really make it neat. But what’s with all of the garages (why are there so many for a 2 bedroom home) and why are they full of junk. Also what’s up with the courtyard dumping ground?

Random indeed. Tons of potential, but yeah, it could be considered to be an interior junk yard.

Here's how the listing agent describes the property:

You aren't going to believe your eyes when you see this Castle! It has 2 BR, 2 .5 BA, & it's 5 story with a 10 car garage. When you first walk across the bridge you will have an option to go downstairs or head to the main living quarters. When walking in you will enter into a large living rm, as you walk thru the living rm you will pass thru the den and head into the formal dining rm built for a king with 2 massive chandeliers.( All of the doors were handmade by the owners husband and were made from the wood that original covered the water reserve that was built in the year 1946 for the ammunition plant. The castle was built in 1997.) As you walk thru the dining room you will enter into the eat in kitchen with a laundry closet. There's two separate set of stairs that both lead to a bedroom & master bath at the top of each with massive walk in closets.

It's so intriguing. There are hidden doors on the property leading to different rooms. The entire interior of the castle walls is a full acre.

Here's a look at the home:

This is a Real Castle In a Field Near Jeffersonville, Indiana

Take a look at this massive castle compound in Southern Indiana

So there must be something about Indiana and castles. On the opposite side of the state, near Goshen, at the corner of US 20 and State Road 15 Gallops Truck Stop has a very similar motif.

Gallops in Goshen, Indiana
Google Maps Street View

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