In a world where fewer and fewer people carry cash on them, how does one go about splitting the tab, paying a sitter, or picking up a few boxes of Girl Scout Cookies (it's for a good cause, after all)? You use a virtual wallet system, that's what! Apps like Venmo are becoming more and more popular between friends going Dutch on lunch or even hair dressers getting a tip. When sending money with the click of an app, you'd better be darn sure you have the correct destination, or at the very least, hope you've got someone on the receiving end like Ionia's Trevor Harwood to help you get your money back.

While out golfing with his father, Harwood took a break from the links to look at his phone. He noticed that someone in Utah named Isaac Nowak had just sent him $3,500. Realizing his mistake, Nowak sent some hurried pleas to Harwood asking that he please do the right thing and send the money back. Of course Harwood was going to give the money back, but not without having a little fun, first.

"I'm feeling a little thirsty," the Ionia man laughed, and told Nowak the least he could do was hook him up with a couple of cases of beer for his troubles. Nowak, thinking that a few cases of beer in exchange for most of his money back was a great deal, so Harwood sent Nowak $3,480, keeping just $20 to hook himself up in a very Michigan way.

Cheers, Trevor Harwood! You did the right thing!

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