We are supposed to have the longest lunar eclipse of the century early Friday morning; in fact, the longest in 600 years and because of the weather, we could very well miss it.

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This "Beaver Moon" near-total eclipse will happen in the wee hours of Friday morning. It is supposed to last three and a half hours. That makes it the longest of this century and the longest for the next 580 years. Unless something changes, we're all history before this happens again.

Here's the cheap shot

Here's where I can add the requisite cheap-shot Detroit Lions joke: Do you think by the time the next near-total eclipse comes around, the Lions will have won a game, or a Super Bowl? (Sorry, it was a cheap shot)

How to watch; We need a break from the weather

Back to seeing the eclipse in Michigan. Not likely, unless we catch a break from the weather. The forecast for here is "snow showers likely, mainly before 1am. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 29. Friday - Mostly cloudy, with a high near 41." That's where there is a glimmer of hope. In weather-speak "mostly cloudy" means there could be some breaks in the cloud cover. If there is such a break in the cloud cover, we're golden. Then you can experience this historic phenomenon. (The exact timing is about 2:18 am Friday morning EST to about 5:47 am EST.) Space.com says you should look to the low western skyline, and they even have photographic instructions.

So what do we do now? Get to bed early and hope for the best with the cloud cover. But, IF we do get decent weather conditions, but everything on the Lions this weekend.

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