There are so many great reasons why those of us who live in Michigan are happy to call this great state 'home'. I've lived in Michigan for most of my life, but have lived in other states too. And there are definitely things about Michigan that you miss when you move away because you won't find them in any other state.

Green Flags About Living in Michigan

  • Michigan truly has a lot to offer outdoors in all four seasons which you can't find everywhere.
  • Sports fans thrive in this state. We have world class stadiums in Detroit and all within walking distance. Home to the Detroit Lions, Detroit Pistons, Detroit Tigers and Detroit Red Wings. And plenty of College teams to root for as well including the University of Michigan and Michigan State University.
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  • Affordable housing and low cost of living. While there are pricier areas where the housing costs are  higher, the average cost of living in Michigan is lower than the national average and housing in Michigan is about half that of the national average.
  • Food, beer, and festivals. We're not lacking in any of those areas. We enjoy coney dogs with a Vernors, Faygo Pop or a craft beer. And our state has too many fun festivals in all seasons to name. We definitely know how to throw a party with good food, drinks, and people.

Red Flags About Living in Michigan

While these aren't reasons to avoid moving to Michigan, there are things to take into consideration before moving here.

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