If you are itchy, sneezy, and stuffy this season you're not alone!

As if the holidays aren't already stressful enough, why not throw some allergies into the mix? Turns out those red rashes and clogged sinuses may not be a reaction to your great aunt's perfume after all.

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In fact, the culprit may be one of your own Christmas decorations!

Christmas Tree Syndrome:

Did you put up a real or artificial Christmas tree this year? Did you suddenly become stuffed up when you put the tree up? Have you had any unexplained rashes appear since bringing the tree into the house?

If you answered 'yes' to the previous questions you may be suffering from Christmas Tree Syndrome!

According to experts at Ohio State University the average fresh cut Christmas tree contains over 50 different types of mold spores. Adding,

it turns out that the pine pollen, a common allergen other times of the year, is not the main irritant lurking in your fresh-cut tree...Dust on branches and some lingering pollen from the pine or other plants could contribute, to a lesser extent.

But if you assumed you were safe because you put up a fake tree this year-- you're not!

christmas tree allergy

Artificial Christmas Trees:

Mold and dust don't just apply to live trees, you know. Consider where and how well you store your fake Christmas after each season. Whether you store it in the basement or the attic chances are that tree is still exposed to plenty of dusty and moisture that helps mold thrive.

Although it may seem like a lose-lose situation, don't let that dissuade you from putting your holiday cheer on display! To avoid Christmas Tree Syndrome altogether experts recommend:

  • Hosing down your real tree to wash away dirt; thoroughly dust fake trees
  • Dust off ornaments and decorations each year
  • Cover your skin when handling and setting up real trees
  • Upgrade storage for fake tree
  • Relocate air purifiers to decorated rooms

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