How did I not know this?!

My state has so much history and I don't even know the half of it. At least that's what it feels like. I was born and raised in West Michigan, so why does it feel like I'm learning something new about my own home every single day?

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It's truly mind boggling.

Over the weekend I, like many of my fellow Michiganders, saw one of those Michigan history posts circulate across social media. This one in particular claimed:

Michigan is home to the first three tunnels in the world that connect two different countries

I thought, "No way. That can't possibly be true! Here? Michigan? Out of the entire world, why us?" Well I'll go ahead and tell you right now spoiler alert: it's true.

Which Was First?

Opening in 1891 the St. Clair Tunnel was originally a railroad tunnel connecting Sarnia, Ontario to Port Huron, Michigan. Not only is it notable for being the first tunnel in the entire world to connect two countries,  but it was also the first underwater rail tunnel in North America. The original tunnel has since closed and a similar tunnel was built nearby. Today travelers still refer to it as the St. Clair Tunnel although its official name is the Paul M. Tellier Tunnel. 

Michigan Central Railway

The world's 2nd tunnel connecting two countries was Michigan's Central Railway Tunnel. Built for the Canada Southern Railway, this tunnel connects Detroit to Windsor, Canada. First opened in 1910 the tunnel is still in use today by the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Detroit-Windsor tunnel

Detroit-Windsor Tunnel

Also located in Detroit this tunnel is known as being the 2nd busiest U.S.-Canada border crossing-- as well as being the 3rd tunnel in the world to connect two countries, of course. The tunnel first opened in 1930 and according to Visit Windsor Essex nearly 40,000 commuters use the Detroit-Windsor border each day.

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